*The time standards for this trip:

TOP 12 BOYS and a sub 5min Mile.

TOP 12 GIRLS and a sub 6min Mile.

Big Bear Lake Camp

Welcome to Mile High Running Camp. If you’re looking for quality high altitude camp with running, fun and team bonding in a beautiful mountain setting, you’ve come to the right place. At Mile High Running Camp we’ll give the young athletes the attention and personalized training  and advice they can take away to become a better runner for the upcoming 2019 cross country season. 


In 2019 we will be spending five nights in the San Bernardino mountains with your teammates building the framework for another successful cross country season. 


Due to the intensity of the training we will have time requirements that have to be met in order to attended. Space is limited for this trip and there is a $150 deposit required to be paid by June 1st in order to secure a spot and paid in full by June 15th, 2019. Please contact coach Sean Brosnan with any questions or concerns (SeanBrosnan359@yahoo.com).